Terrence Simms
Internet virgin:


Please forgive me if that sounds provocative, or obscene, becasue that is not my intent, but my intent is to keep it real, and be honest with you.And honestly I am an internet virgin because I have never put myself out like this, this is my first time, but contrary to what you may have heard "I'm not easy." (Smile)

I'm just trying to reach out from behind this wall of pain in hopes of gaining a friend or maybe even capture the heart of a lifelong companion if possible, but if not, just someone to help relieve me of this monotony feeling of loneliness that I'm forced to deal with in this hell-hole.

I'm a very good-looking man, whose God-fearing, and loves to meet people from all walks of life, so get at me, let's get to know one another. My life is an open book and I will write everyone back. But back to the issue at hand. Our newfound friendship.

I'm a Libra my date of birth is October 17th. I'm honest, kind, romantic, intelligent, playful, loyal and very understanding, and above all passionate.

I'm 5' 6 1/2" tall and 167 pds. I love to enjoy all the finest things life has to offer so let's take advantage of this opportunity cause time waits for no one.

All I ask for is your friendship, and in return I will share with you every gift "GOD" has blessed me with. Which is much more than many, but maybe a little less than few. But whatever I have it's yours :)

Try me, you just may like it. Hope to hear from you very soon!

Sincerely written
The Internet virgin:

Terrence Simms # B10620
East Molinea Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Road
East Moline   IL   61244-1195   USA
African American
Moorish American Islamic
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As of Now 11/2020
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