Michael Mullin # B07811
Everglades Correctional Institution
P O Box 23608
Tampa   FL   33623   USA
Michael Mullin
Hello everyone:
My name is Michael, like Archangel Michael but without the fancy title and slightly less eminence.

One of my better qualities, setting me apart from other prisoners, is that I'm not criminally minded. Living here puts me outside of my elements.

I've been practicing Siddha Yoga meditation for over ten years and still can't fly around on carpets.
Throughout my daily meditations I've had many powerful spiritual experiences despite living in the midst of this prison nightmare. Meditation has sustained my mental fortitude giving me strength to survive my incarceration.

I'm looking forward to leading an extraordinary life when I get out in three and a half years. I'll be going back into business. As a young entrepreneur I was nineteen when I owned my first business.. If you think marriage is one hell of an eye opener, try going into business.

Discovering that I'm a young bisexual man and conservative thinker is surprising to many people.
Paraphrasing Winston Churchill:  If you're not liberal when you're eighteen, you have no heart. If You're not conservative when you're thirty, you Have no mind..

I love my country and believe that throughout history capitalism has been proven to create more wealth and prosperity than the failed attempts of Socialism and Communism.  In fact, Communism is just Socialism dressed up for Halloween.

I'm a firm believer in working smarter not harder to earn an honest living. The sacrifices in educating oneself and being successful in business should be celebrated instead of discouraged unless, of course, you're a radical left-wing Democrat.

I'm not a fan of sports although I can appreciate the discipline it takes to be an athlete and even find many of them attractive. I enjoyed listening to oldies music from the 60’s and 70’s.  My father was an Elvis impersonator and I learned to sing like my dad. I love my mother and grandmother as they were the ones who instilled strong moral values and a love for God.

I'm looking to correspond with intellectually honest, open minded and cultured people. At life’s end, I believe that the many different relationships we share in our lives will be what matters most.

Acquaintances are many in life, friendships are few and far between and lovers are sublimely rare. Where do you see yourself?  Perhaps medium rare or well done?

My purpose for putting up this profile is to have positive communications with folks in society.
I want to spend my time emanating positive energy into this world. I believe in the law of attraction. Like its reference in the Bible:   As a man sows, so shall he reap.

I wouldn't mind if people send me money, but it's certainly not expected. You can contact me via U.S.P.S. or now that Florida inmates no longer have to live in the Stone Age, you can send me emails, pictures, video grams, etc. through Jpay.com.

Hopefully you've been thoroughly uplifted after reading this, if not, always remember: Let's go  Brandon!

Women, Men, Friends
Caucasian, Native American, Hispanic
1st Degree Felony
Ad Start: 03-31-2022
Ad Expiration: 03-31-2023