Wendell Thompson
True friendships are caring, understanding, they listen, they are constructive, comforting, lasting, and friendships are an essential linkage and fulfillment, in which, to build upon.

True friendships have opportunities to become and remain meaningful, and thus, cherished and nurtured, and some find their way to one, or more, of the ultimate unions, best friends, lovers, and/or a husband or wife.

In the past, because of my lack of understanding, I thought that most of my so-called friends were untrue or disloyal, but then I realized that people were treating me the way that I, not only, treated myself, but also, the way that I treated others.

After checking myself into treatment, June 5, 2014, to become sober, my circumstances actually revealed me to myself. I realize that I must become and remain true to myself, and only then, may I be a true friend to others, and vice versa.

Four months after successfully completing treatment, and returning to a state of constructive and useful citizenship, I was arrested for a crime allegedly committed over a year prior, and another committed just prior to entering treatment. I agreed to a 2 year sentence for the latter, and after being out on bond, I was wrongfully convicted, April 14, 2016, on the first offense. I have filed a Habeas Corpus petition, for an immediate release, due to violation of my statutory and constitutional rights to a speedy trial, and insufficient evidence. The petition has been filed since February 23, 2017, and the court has ordered a writ Habeas Corpus, but I have yet to receive a response from the state or acknowledgment, of the petition, by the court, but I remain hopeful.

I am offering true, caring, understanding, comforting, meaningful, and lifelong friendship.
Wendell Thompson  # B03336
East Moline Correctional Center
100 Hillcrest Road
East Moline, IL 61244 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
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