Peter Saunders

I'm happy to see you've taken the first step in what could be a wonderful friendship. With so many ads at your fingertips it's awesome to know mine caught your attention. I'm not one to make things all about me, however, since you're reading my ad to know more about me it's what I'm here to do. My name is Peter (everybody calls me Rome). I'm presently incarcerated and have been for 32 1/2 years. I'm a young 51 Italian/Black male who's 5'7" with a medium build.

I was sentenced to natural life for a crime committed as a juvenile. In recent years the courts ruled that it's unconstitutional to be sentenced to natural life for a crime committed as a juvenile. I'm currently back in court going through the resentencing process. I'm blessed to have God on my side along with so many good people who've been fighting for my freedom.

I'm a genuine, down to earth, sincere and open-minded person who is looking for friends that possess the same qualities. The fact that you're searching through this site leads me to believe there's a good chance you are tired of the B.S. As you know I can only be here for friendship and moral support, however, I do want you to know I'm NOT seeking monetary assistant, and I don't play games.

If you really hope to find a friend that's going to be supportive, honest, and nonjudgmental you've come to the right place. Now if you can be that breath of fresh air and taste of freedom, you're just who I've been hoping to connect with. The first step was you clicking on to this site. The second step was me catching your attention. The third step has been holding your attention, and now that this is coming to a close step four is on you.

While I have so much more to share and look to answer any questions, what I really want to do is start getting to know you. Please go to CONNECTNETWORK.COM and request to be my email contact. Our email service should be up and running by the time you read this, which will make corresponding fast & easy. You can also drop me a note to let me know you want the journey to begin. Take care and I wish you all the best while looking forward to hearing from you. Bye!

I recently learned it is confusing to register for emails as I described. After going to Connectnetwork, click IDOC (Illinois department of corrections), and then my name & #. If there are any other complications please call 800-646-6283.
Peter Saunders # B00118
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N Brinton Avenue
Dixon, IL 61021 USA

Black Italian
Serving a Life Sentence
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