Daniel White
Hello World
I am D-Boy.  I am from Sacramento and it is written all over me that I am a product of Northern California!  I am Italian, the youngest of 4 and my family is all that I’ve got.  Single, no kids, but I planned to change that when the time is right.  I am a man of faith, very passionate with a huge heart.  Playing sports my entire life has taught me valuable life lessons.  I take pride in being a team player, helping others and enjoy being a part of something bigger than myself.  I’ve been incarcerated since a teenager and I have used that time to work on myself.  This minor setback has me set up for a major comeback and I am hungry for success upon my release!
I have the hopes of meeting a good-hearted person and building a genuine connection with them.  If you can communicate on a regular bases that would be a plus.  The goal is to build a friendship that will last way beyond my incarceration.  I am able to communicate thru letters and phone calls.  In addition, I am able to receive emails.  They can be sent straight from your phone and I get them within 24 hours!  Be sure to include a return address. I am aware you may want to reach out but aren’t sure what to write about.  So, I suggest you just keep it simple and be yourself.  Tell me whatever is on your mind, your goals, interest or even just your thoughts on my page.  I have a good sense of humor and pretty much any mail would put a smile on my face.  Some of my interests include sports, the outdoors, like camping.  boating or fishing, artwork, tattoos and music.  I am a bachelor nation super fan (Hey, no jugding), I enjoy all forms of comedy.  I believe that health is wealth so I try to eat right and stay active.  I would describe myself as someone who is genuine, loving, loyal.
Well, if you are going to reach out, honesty is the best policy.  For the quickest response time you can Email me by downloading the JPay mobile app + entering my name and CDC#.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your time.
Daniel White # AY-9837
MCSP-  A-3-242
P O Box 409020   
Ione,  CA   95640   USA

Ad Start: 01-21-21
Ad Expiration: 11-05-22

Caucasian, Italian
Pimping Human Trafficking
Release Date
2028 Juvenile Board Date 2037 Max