Frank Lara
Frank Lara # AX1968   
Ironwood State Prison
P O Box 2199
Blythe, CA 92226 USA
Hello, my name is Frank.

I'm seeking correspondence with a woman interested in engaging in Small talk. Sit talk, If you know something to keep the mind stimulated and perhaps learn something from each other.

I'm a multifaceted man of unique interests and desires. Best described as humble, personable, progressive, thinking, sincere, loyal, charismatic and intelligent.

I've traveled some darkened avenues and streets of broken glass before arriving to the state of mind I'm  in now, therefore I only have the very best of me to offer as a friend and possibly more.

I'm very diverse. I placed no particular emphasis on race, ethnicity, lifestyle or religious views. All letters are welcome. I want to build a friendship with someone, network and create opportunities with. From the smallest to the biggest matters.

I'd like a woman who is strong in her beliefs but has a smile that conversates into happiness and is approachable and beautiful to be around. Please know I'm not here to waste anyone's time, criticize or bring up in mature topics that will only distance or delay the foundation to a new beginningā€¦

So allow me to seize this opportunity to maximize the curiosity of your gorgeous smileā€¦
Women, Friends
Release Date
02/05/65 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 06-07-18
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