Shane Dover
How you doing, my name is Shane. 

It makes my day that you took time to read my profile. As you know I'm currently serving time in a maximum security prison in California. I'm not a bad guy but everyone commits mistakes so let me get into a little bit about who I am and where I come from.

I'm 6 foot tall. I have green eyes and black hair. My favorite sport is American football. When I was in high school I was captain of the defense. I grew up in northern California in the Sacramento Valley in a city called Red Bluff. I spent a lot of my younger life with my brother and sister in a house with 4 other kids. My beautiful mother raised all my cousins due to the fact that my aunts and uncles were in prison. So you can say I did not have the best role models.

I learned a little too late in life that crime is not cool. I have come close to losing my life a few times. It made me realize that every moment that you have is precious. As you can see in one of my pictures I graduated a business class. I'm prepared to get a new life.

Hope to hear from you soon, send me your respect.
Shane Dover  # AW-5201
Pelican Bay State Prison
P O Box 7500  
Crescent City, CA 95532-7000 USA
Resisting Executive Officer
Release Date
Ad Start: 07-04-19
Ad Expiration:07-04-20