Guillermo Parra # AU9386
High Desert State Prison
P O Box 3030
Susanville   CA   96127   USA
Guillermo Parro
For that one person who is looking for their one true best friend. Come take that dance and hopefully by the end of the song we can create our own two step.

Let me tell you a little about myself first, then hopefully if I can catch your beautiful mind, you can show me that smile through your words. Honestly, I have been a person misunderstood in the past, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. Now I can use a smile, and I’m looking for someone who is not just beautiful from the out but also on the inside. That’s what counts. Big or thin. Tall or small. I just want that person I can share my darkest secrets. I’m someone that likes to clown around just so I can make some one laugh and smile. So for that moment we can forget our problems in life. Life is too short to be down. Live it with all the light and sometimes a smile can unlock that light. In a way I’m still like a kid who would pick you up from work, if possible, in tights dressed as superman just to embarrass you with a box of chocolates and roses. I’m a ghetto romantic guy from the beach (Long Beach). So, for a date I will take you on a slow walk at night threw the sand but like I said I would be happy with whatever is in our pockets, eating off the dollar menu just so I’m able to see the stars threw your eyes. I would want you to feel as if we are the only two in the clouds reaching the moon because I would like to say I was amongst the stars with my best friend.

I am in prison with a life term but don’t let that scare. Let me prove that love is blind. I have a heart too. I am an honest person. I hate games and lies. So please feel free to ask any question you would like, also I’m an adult so have fun. I am tall and ugly, who likes to draw. I love my family and I’m an only parent to my son. I have recently lost his mother a year ago, but we have not been together for a couple years. Due to other reasons. I’m currently going through a loss of my little brother. So, like I said I can use a smile. If you find it in you to take a chance I promise to make you feel as if the world belongs to us. I say I’m looking for a best friend because sometimes those are the ones that belong. I’m tired of being hurt. Please prove that love has no distance and I’ll make you believe we known each other our whole lives. Stand by my side threw this journey and I’ll give you the world as I come home. Hold me down and push me forward. Be my rock and don’t give up just because the road looks rough. Believe in me and I’ll never leave thy side. Right or wrong like adam and eve you’ll always be my better half and accept what comes after the apple. As long as we both smile, we’re going past the moon…

Legal Help
2nd Degree Murder
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start: 11-18-2021
Ad Expiration: 11-18-2022