Charles Vancurler
Charles Vancurler # AU5146  
480 Alta Road    
San Diego, CA 92179 USA

My name is Charles.

Can you imagine the extent of my wishes?

Even the simple handshake of a stranger these four walls are closing in on me every day. I've come to find strangers could be kind & caring a shoulder to lean on always indeed. When a friend is in need of a simple smile, a tip of the hat… Another day closer to come home yet I'm all alone, yes it's true being here is not no fun… Misery & sadness seems to be the mood most of the time for many. I've had my days too, actually plenty…

I'm almost home now. So I'll give you a penny for your thoughts. They're has been many instances in my life that I've often found a stranger who turned my frown upside down. I need real love. I don't wanna be no ones fool.

I'm just an oldie but goodie. Don't want to be torn apart, broken down with lies & doubt… I want to be the reason you smile!
Love is real, real is love, love is you, you & me.
Love is knowing we can be (friends).
Love is wanting, wanting love, love is asking.
To be loved. I'm still young & tender ready to surrender.

I'm looking for a special someone who has a kick butt charisma & out of this world personality.

I'll be waiting to hear from you.
I'm getting out May 8th 2018. Max release date 8-10-18.
Women, Donations
Caucasian, Native American
Possession of Drugs
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-02-17
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