Tyler Norman
Tyler Norman # AU5068
C R C - A107-7 Up
P O Box 3535
Norco   CA   92860   USA
Hello to everyone on the outside, I hope these words find you and your loved ones in good health and high spirits. My name is Tyler, I’m 25 years old, and currently reside in a California Prison. I’ve been incarcerated since the age of 18, and have about another 4½ years to serve. But, while I wait for that day, I’m interested in finding someone who can ease my lonely hours, and maybe provide a few laughs through an open and honest dialogue.

A little bit about myself…I’m easy going, and shy by nature, but not to the point of being awkward around people. My interests are technology, continuing my  education, reptiles (specially my alligator lizard “Boomerang”), music, exercising, clothing and jewelry, and almost anything related to food. I pride myself with being able to interact with those from any race, gender or sexual orientation. My best qualities are my sense of humor, my ability to listen without being judgmental, and taking everything in stride.

Right up front, I’m not looking for any handouts, or to be someone’s charity case. Like many men in here, I struggle with trust issues, that’s why I’m asking for a friend who won’t lie, be fake, or bring any unnecessary drama into my life. So, if you have the time, and a place in your heart for possibly a new friend, I anticipate and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care

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