Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson  # AU3640    
Ironwood State Prison 
P O Box 2229    
Blythe, CA 92226 USA
Hello, everyone this is Aaron.

I'd like to say how is every woman out there in the world doing. I believe that I caught up with you at the right time and allow me to start off this is serious and I'm looking for something serious.

I'm 32 years old and not tryna waste another minute so how old are you? I know for a fact that every women out there living today is looking their best and always at the top of they're A-game.

Let's start my nickname I go by is drum-role "A-1" or "A-game" I'm serious whatever one you like to call me. Although age isn't nothing but number. I'm also known as fresh most of the time. It doesn't matter if you are a red in them pictures was around the time I had just got out my first time. Can you not nick pick the times that you've been in? Let's try to not get to TMZ. I wear all types of clothes and shoes so I'm interested in connecting with someone ASAP. Doesn't matter if it is for the duration of my year or if we make a connection. I'd like it if you help me to reinstate me for another year but any we don't have nothing but time. So my pictures still recent so if you see any type of match between us don't ashamed to shout me a holler! I'm interested in the African goddesses, I'll go as far as Ghana so be you.

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African American
Lewd Act
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