Re: Pro Bono Legal Assistance

On the night of 1-02-2013, I was horrifically stolen from society after being falsely accused by a known criminal where the Riverside Police used to frame me due to a complaint I had previously filed against the department.

This known criminal attacked me as I was babysitting my newborn baby and injured me in the process. During the attack, she produced a knife receiving a self inflicted cut on her pinky finger.  However, the RPD neglected my injury and ran with the accusations against me, denying me of any evidence or an investigation that would support me.

During the stages of my preliminary hearing, my accuser continued to lie on the stand , while she terrorized my witness in the streets attacking her agin with a knife where a police report was filed.  However, the investigation was not properly done which could support me because of RPD bias.

Numerous threats were sent to my witness on text and facebook and was all justified at my trial. I received a life sentence for a crime I didn’t commit because of racial bias, police corruption and retaliation.

I am requesting legal help to receive a new trial, but am mentally and emotionally drained. Nor do I have the legal know-how to properly achieve this goal. I do have the transcripts, police reports, and everything pertaining to my case that you need to assist me.

Please help me and my family get the just we deserve and to put my false accuser in jail where she belongs, in return.  Thank you and God Bless.  I have exhausted my appeals to no avail.

Respectfully submitted by Landon Johnson AU3189


Landon Johnson # AU3189
Ironwood State Prison
P O Box 2199
Blythe   CA   92226   USA
Landon Johnson
Legal Help
African American
Assault w/Deadly Weapon
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
01/01/2036 or Sooner
Ad Start:  02-10-22
Ad Expiration:  02-10-23
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