Tobias Dunn
Tobias Dunn # AT7794   
CCI-4A-208 L
P O Box 1902    
Tehachapi, CA 93581 USA
Hi! I'm Tobias. 

I am a single, down to earth guy, 1983 model, low mileage, and high performance. I've been bumped a few times, but never wrecked. I have the proven ability to hug the road and not wander off course. Exterior and condition, warm, affectionate, sensitive interior, never soiled. Factory equipped package includes stereo, humor, depth, imagination and intelligence. My radio picks up all kinds of R/B and soul. Spacious seats with plenty of room for passenger… Runs on high-octane fun and romance, lifetime supply included!

Available for inspection by female drivers, prefer affectionate women, new dependence, eye-catching exterior, self-confident, intelligent, warm, sincere sense of humor, and a full set of tools.

I come from a close solid family, would like to check your engine light if possible? Equipped with nice endowment.. Only driven once a week! 2 Range Test Dr., please write back soon.
Women, Friends
African American
Murder Attempted Murder 186.22
Release Date
12/20/2117 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 01-25-18
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