Jonathan Brown

To my beautiful lady's.

Song: Young Age by: Lil Baby.
Mood: Cool
Place: Cell
Time: to find love
Date: August 26, 2020
From: Jonathan Brown

Hi how are you today my beautiful Queen? I hope in the best of health and care of God or a higher power. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jonathan Quintay Brown. I am a 35 year old African King from San Francisco, Cali. I'm 6'5", 200 lbs. with brown eyes and high cheekbones. I rock a shortcut with waves but right now I can't do to me being in the hole. But let's not waste too much time on looks trust me I'm handsome, the picture should show that.

I'm doing 11 years with 4 left. I've been down seven but I can't cry over it. I made a mistake but I learn from it and moved on. I'm in prison for manslaughter. I wish it never happened but came up in a real hard place and got mixed up with gangs. Changed my life that is all in the past but I hate liars and cheaters and I never lie so it was a must I tell you the truth it's only right.

But let's talk or should I say let me tell you about the new me. I read, work out 5 days a week, pray to keep my faith in a dark place. Favorite music: Rap and singing. I have my own so I'm not looking for a beautiful ladies money. I listen to a lot of music on the streets I ride dirt bikes, street bikes and into fast cars!! I love food, movies and chilling with my lady. I love females who love females but I love to be faithful if you are the right female. Games is a no-no with me. I've been down too long and this is my first time on a pen pal  site.

I am looking for a real woman who is looking for a real man. I'm also looking for a friendship that one day may grow. I like what likes me so if you are into me then I will be into you. Let's see what type of woman I amlooking for,smart, down to earth, funny, real, truthful, race I don't care looks as long as you have faith in you as a woman I don't care. Age over 18 please be grown. I am an inmate I don't get down with the under age. I like women who are fly and love to dress. I rock the best and is gone be a clothes model when I get out. I love females who rock hills that's a turn on you will win my heart over right. LOL.

I don't want to give you all of me so I'm going to stop there and I hope to hear from you beautiful Queens soon with love and respect.

Jonathan Quinbay Brown!!

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Represa, CA 95671  USA
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