Frederick Archuleta
My name is Frederick. I go by Rick. 

I'm 40 years old and am looking for people to write. At 18 years of age I was put in federal prison for an unarmed bank robbery. In 2001 I was convicted for my second unarmed bank robbery with 2 convictions and a body full of prison tattoos, I knew that the system would do everything possible to put me back in prison. So upon my release from prison in 2004 I took off to Mexico. I learned it was just as hard to survive in Mexico as it was to survive in the United states, so I turned myself in at the border. Upon my arrest I asked be put under protected custody. I was just tired of prison politics. Later I was put back in population I then got released again this time I had no choice but to deal with the fact I could be put in prison under the California 3 strikes law for life, for the smallest offense. Eventually I was arrested for trying to stop a police officer to carjack a police car. I was innocent but the system was trying to put me in prison for good. I was released again. Again, I was arrested for possession of controlled substance. In prison I got 2 more new charges, being I stood up to corrupt officers. The officers lied said I tried to assault them.

Now I look for to fight a a corrupt system. The more people I can write for support the easier it will be to do the time I have left. In the end I hope to build an organization that is dedicated to protecting our rights under the Constitution. As time goes by the more the system is taking over rights away. We then are forced to live a way, those in power want us to live. Basically little by little we are put in chains, so those with my mentality are protesting so justice can be found. Those that know our system abuses their power.

Through people like you, I can share my story so others will know the injustice of my situation. Then we can stand together against a corrupt system. I cannot do this on my own. I look for your help.

With all my respect,
Frederick Archuleta # AT3810
California Medical Facility
P O Box 2000
Vacaville, CA 95696 USA

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