Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia # AT-1536
High Desert State Prison
P O Box 3030
Susanville   CA   96127   USA
Hello! My name is Omar, and I placed this ad to find genuine friendship. Someone I can lean on for moral support, an ear to talk to, and a friendly voice to get advice from. With me, there is a guarantee you will always get a friendly, honest, and respectful conversation.

I am currently doing a 36 yr. to life sentence for” “Attempt to dissuade a witness”; “w/no threat, force or violence.  In 2012,  I was initially arrested and charged for attempted murder, false imprisonment and a gauntlet of gun allegations. After I shot one of a group of degenerate individuals who came to my house to rob me.

At trial, I provided a perfect self-defense and was acquitted of all greater charges. However, and unfortunately, right before my preliminary trial while in custody. I called the degenerate I shot and asked him not to come to court. This constituted an “Attempt to Stage dissuade”. The sentencing exposure is one (1) yr  in County Jail, or state prison. Under the CA 3-Strike law this became 25yrs. to life and a 5 yr.  prison prior.

Recently CA  voters passed Prop. 57, the non-violent offender early release Act. Pursuant to this law, the state has immediately scheduled a non-violent offender early release parole hearing for Sept. 2022. Therefore, I anticipate being released sooner rather than later, while not staying here forever.

Likes:  reading non-fiction books, constructive conversation, music, movies, stand-up comedy, sailing.
Dislikes:  state food, liars, thieves, racism, stinky feet.
Food:   fine dining, Chinese, Italian, Mexico (7-mares, mariscos, etc.).
Hobbies:   fine art, crafting.
Quote:  “ I'd rather aim for the moon and miss, then shoot for the gutter and make it.”

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have, “a dumb question is one not asked”.
Write to;
Omar Garcia AT-1536
H.D.S.P. A-1-109
P.O. Box 3030
Susanville,CA 96127

Women, Men, Friends
Attempt to Dissuade With No Threat Force or Violence
Release Date
Early Release Scheduled 09/2022
Ad Start:  03-17-22
Ad Expiration: 03-17-23