Shawn D Smith
Shawn D Smith # AS39771   
Mansfield Correctional Institution
P O Box 788 
Mansfield, Oh 44901 USA
Thanks for viewing my profile, hopefully at the end of this, your day will be uplifted, and a smile on your face.

Right-now I'm trying my best to escape the place that feels like hell, by studying criminal law, and filing motions myself to the courts. I can get out as early as 2019 by this appeal, or to file an early release!

Mostly my day is consumed by cutting hair, and to try to cook a decent meal to eat, avoiding this nasty jail food (ughhh).

I enjoy life, and live every day like it's the last one remaining. I'm not a religious guy, but I do pray to the higher power for forgiveness, and for others. In addition to what else I focus on is, geography, and writing short stories.

Upon being released, I want to mentor troubled youth and adults. Before I end this, I want to jot an email site that we can correspond more rapidly from, it's, use my name/ #, send some picture(s) if possible, make sure you smile. I don't want any mugshots from you too LOL.

But please have a nice beautiful, bright, and blessed day.

Black American
Aggravated Robbery Felony
Release Date
05/2060 Appeal
Ad Start: 07-05-18
Ad Expiration:
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