Anthony Zamora
This may be a little different but I rather shoot straight. 

My name is  "Anthony ", I'm 45 years of age, from Southern California, 6 foot tall, 215 lbs., Blue eyes, and have 3 years left as of now. I've changed my life in prison (yeah, yeah, yeah another person's story huh?). No! It's  real so I'll be real.

I've done a lot of wrong in my past, so many regrets and so much pain and hurt. Time I've took and time I've lost, so yeah I was no angel.

Do you want a fairytale? You won't get one here, just truth and respect. I lived a life for the devil for a long time, now I bang "Jesus Christ". Yes, I'm a dude that found "Jesus"in prison, (and yes it's real). I have no more time to live life as a joke. Grew up in that "So Cal" life, but it wasn't until "39"years of age that Jesus brought me to my knees, I could shoot lies like most, but straight up I don't want to be lied to. I'm as the Bible says (Matt 7:12) "whatever you want man to do to you, do also to them." Trust there is a lot of positive, but I rather get the crap out first so were on the same page.

I know the Lord put this "brochure"in my hand for a reason, I know how to live that street life. Gangs-drugs-guns, but to me that life is dead. I want to learn how to go on dates, go to the movies, kick back with my lady, live life with love-honor-and respect.

(FYI) I have no need for smut talk or money, I don't have access to "email"you back, just good old letter writing and state phone calls.

God Bless You. {Philippins 4:13"
Anthony Zamora # AS1343
P O Box 931  
Imperial, CA 92251 USA
Hispanic, Mexican
215 Carjacking 245 Assault With a Deadly Weapon
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-14-20
Ad Expiration:05-14-21