Joseph Jermaine Smith # AP8489
Kern Valley State Prison C5-223
P O Box 5103
Delano   CA   93216    USA
Joseph Jermaine Smith
My name isn’t just Joseph Jermaine Smith-it’s Prophet 88 Yusef Al.Dulce.
I am a loving Gentleman-Struggling but maturing while incarcerated.
I have accomplished a lot such as getting a certification in the Electrical Works-NCCER number #13524647. I am in the process of earning a degree in Sociology-A.A. and achieving milestones in the recovery and Rehabilitation programs.
I do not judge non discriminate according to race or size. I am seeking friendship/relationship with women 21 years of age and older. I am interested in maternity, personality and desire to accomplish things in life. I understand women are sensitive with certain crimes and convictions. I must assure that I am a convicted felon-with Assault of Aggressive charges but am innocent with Remorse.
I am working to become an honest citizen of society and deserving of a second chance. While changing my ways in life-I hope to have a positive support system/group, as progressing is priority.
I am seeking friendship/relationships looking to develop in all areas of my life. I enjoy watching movies, writing lyrics, poems, going places, learning new things while educating myself and disciplining the mind to progress in all that I do. I enjoy helping and doing things for people as I am single and just want a chance to experience being with someone while incarcerated in hopes it becomes long term. I need a woman that loves to write! Visit.
I read the bible, Quran and believe there's hope. I trust that if given a chance-you won’t be disappointed.
My focus is on opportunity.
Ladies-Thank You. Looking for a woman that wants me to Love them.
My Biblical name is Prophet 88
Yours Truly,
Joseph J. Smith
NCCER gives the Credential
In my achievements

Ad Start: 12-23-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-16-2023

Friends, Donations
French, Creole
Orthodox - Faith - Opportunist
Aggressive Assault
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence