Martin Martinez
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A healthy & gorgeous man who loves long rolls down steep hills, who isn't afraid of companionship, love, failure, or laughing at myself. But wait. There's more. Commit to writing to me today and you'll get a letter from my stylish wheelchair… For FREE! But seriously, now that I have your attention, share with me what makes your beautiful mind tick, and perhaps, some insight into what is important to you.

Recently I've come to believe that true companionship should be developed blind. The mind is a beautiful thing, that of which intrigues me. Why allow first impressions, especially those solely based on age or appearance, dictate what would eventually come to pass? I'm open to all. I say: allow destiny to play its course.

True companionship starts here.
I am a free-spirited, fun loving guy with a zest for life. I love to spend time with family and friends, and cook them gourmet meals-may be in front of a movie and or fireplace. I am always cheerful and love to make those around me as happy as I am, or even happier. And there isn't a moment that passes by that I am not grateful for. I just enjoy life and what it has to offer-including the chance to meet you! Now, clearly, I have made some bad decisions in my life-I think we all have-nonetheless, I make every attempt to set things right… I should not, nor should anyone else, be defined by their worst or weakest moments, that would make hypocrites of us all.

I wish to develop dialogue that would not only improve our outlook on life, but, also, improve our lifestyle as a whole-with a smile on her face and love in our heart… Dialogue that brings serenity to our lives, because we know-at the end of the day-that the conversations were at least meaningful and full of laughs.

Allow me to motivate, move & inspire you… We both deserve a chance. This "chance"starts today.

Martin Martinez # AN3611
MCSP- D16-D-D104-4L
P O Box 409089
Ione CA 95640 USA

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