LeRoy Williams
Hey… Hi… Hello there… 

I've endeavored numerous of times to write this missive all in the pursuit of trying to answer one question. How does a man properly introduce himself on paper? This is the first for me and speaking mostly about myself feels to boastful or shows lack of humility, which is contrary to my natural demeanor.

It's been 10 years of loneliness, speaking veraciously. While concurrently taking advantage of this opportunity to build and grow into an ambitious, goal setting, self-confident, self secure, authentic man I ever could be in here. The man I am at present understands the necessities of having the right female companion, with the intentions of becoming more one day… Maybe… Hopefully… If the laws of nature allows it.

I'm a Leo. A born KING, a LION. So I interpret the pursuing of the opposite sex as the hunt. Because it's an instinctual delicious challenge that once accomplished the meal is beneficially fulfilling for all involved. We are human so of course I do mean mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes physically too.

I read somewhere recently that, "healthy intimacy requires the trusting offer of our true self to another and our trusting acceptance of the others true self in return." So ultimately, that is what I seek.

As I present my true self I would love to get to know your true self and discover what wonders can be accomplished from our meeting one another.

The man who I am today is very different from the individual I was 10 years ago. Every year I'm progressing to build a structure through my limitless growth. Therefore enhancing my maturity to the level needed to fulfill my role and responsibilities in a woman's life.

I've been waiting for you… I'm here… Come to me…

LeRoy Williams  # AM-0251 
Calipatria State Prison
P O Box 5001   
Calipatria, CA 92233 USA
African American
Robbery Armed 1st°
Release Date
2038 (Maximum Date)
Ad Start: 12-31-20
Ad Expiration:12-31-21