Lamarr Ford
Lamarr Ford # AL9293
California Mens Colony
P O Box 8101
San Luis Obispo   CA   93409   USA
Hello, my name is Lamarr.  I’m 50, 5’6”, 185 lbs.  I’m a very active, genuine, dedicated, committed, open-minded, passionate & respectful person.  I enjoy studying sociology, learning & trying new things, meeting people and engaging in easy & meaningful conversations.  I’m hoping to meet someone who’s intelligent, caring, down to earth, sensitive, faithful, adventurous & loveable.  Race & size is unimportant, but sincerity is a must.  Someone who doesn’t mind devoting time & a part of herself to become the very best of friends.

I believe in being open & honest.  I’m an example of California’s controversial three strikes crime bill.  It’s known today as Mass Incarceration.  I’m remaining hopeful that an equal justice resentencing law will happen soon.  Please ask “whatever’s” on your mind?  Without asking those deep personal questions, how can we expect to know each other on a more personal level?  We have to be willing to be vulnerable & we also must be willing to be accountable.  To avoid difficult questions and truthful answers cuts off all the possibilities for understanding & growth.  I would like to know your likes & dislikes?  Your beliefs?  And the type of woman you consider yourself to be?  For a long time, I’ve focused on all the wrong things when searching for a woman & happiness.  Now mental & soulful connections are what’s important & attractive to me.  I’m looking for someone who’s patient & genuine, fun & loving, and also understands the value of developing a friendship, as much as, romantic relationship.  Because without friendship, your relationship develops a ceiling.  I believe everyone wants to be somebody’s someone, and the most amazing thing two people could develop is an authentic, respectful, supportive, & reliable relationship.  That leads to a committed & unconditional bond.

Lamarr Ford

African American
2nd Degree Robbery
3 Strikes
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-11-21
Ad Expiration:  03-11-22