Luke Lambeth
Hey, my name is Luke and I’m 32 years old from Auburn, California. This is my first prison term for robbery.  While nobody was physically injured. I know my actions surely must have caused damage in other ways.  If we talk, I'll tell you anything that you want to know. I'm an open book. I pretty much did something really stupid, got caught and now I’m spending the next 5 years in here paying for it. So, you know how we all do supid stuff in our lives when we’re young? And you look back and think of how supid you were for having done whatever it was? Crazy thing is, it was my first offense. Seriously, I had no priors, not so much as even a speeding ticket. The amount was less than $500 in total, and I’ve already been in here for the past 11 years!
I made some mistakes in the past that I’m not proud of. I can’t change my past. I have moved on with life. I am using this time to learn and grow from. I get released soon and I look forward to starting over on a clean slate.

I’m 6’2” at 190 lbs. With blonde hair and blue eyes and a fit/athletic body type. I have no children. Well, I'm an all-around Cali-boy.

Interests include: going to the lake or river, skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, ATV’s, dirt bikes, fishing, lifting weights, drawing, family & friends are just a few.
Music: Country, rock , ollies, dubstep and hip hop.
Movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Lord of the Rings and Anchorman are a few of my favs.
Food: All American, Italian and seafood.
Drink: Monster energy drink-the original.

I’m a stand-up gentleman. I have charisma, tenacity, integrity, morals and values. I consider myself a patient, honest, respectful, loyal, kind, ambitious, creative, confident and adventurous type of person. I have a big heart and great work ethics. I can be a bit shy at first but once you get to know me, there will never be a dull moment. I love to laugh and have fun. I enjoy the finer things in life.  Prison gets lonely, so I’m looking for somebody to talk to. Looking for a friend to talk about anything with no strings attached. Looking for somebody who is fun, nice and honest.  Somebody who is willing to look past the fact that I am where I am and could help cheer me up when I get down on things. Someone with good vibes. Somebody that doesn’t take themselves too seriously all the time. I want someone to come into my life and make it better.  Just be you, I’ll be me.

I have some awesome stories I could tell you. For as many awesome stories I have to tell, I also have two good ears and I make a great listener…I’m here for you to get to know, as a friend.  Judgment free zone, you can tell me anything. I would absolutely love to get to know somebody new.
…I’m not looking for donations at all.

Anyways…there is so much more to know about me! So if you are interested then write me first and tell me a little bit about yourself!
Hope to hear from you soon!

I can send and receive emails.  Jjust go to and fill out the free app.  Or just send me a letter via postage mail.

Luke Lambeth # AL8537
P O Box 5242
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA

Spring 2022
Ad Start: 03-24-22
Ad Expiration: 03-24-23
Release Date
2023 - 2026