Hey! My name is Luke and I'm 33 years young from Auburn, California.

I'm single and straight. I'm 6’2 at 190 lb’s with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I'm in prison for robbery. I made some mistakes in my past that I'm still paying for.

Interests:  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, mountain biking, lifting weights, hot tubs and so much more.

I consider myself to be honest, respectful, kind and funny.

Don't let the exterior fool you. I'm really just a big nerd at heart.

Looking for friends and I'm open to the possibility for more down the line. I would really like to get to know some new people on a real level.

I'm an open book, you can ask me anything. You can tell me anything. We can talk about anything and everything. Judgment free. I make for a great listener.

Anyways, if you are interested, then don't be shy, hit me up! I have a tablet. I can be reached at www. gettingout.com. To send and receive instant email/messages and pictures too, then just download the free messaging App on gettingout.com.  Each email/message that you send me costs 5 cents.

If you want to face-time with me then just download the “Getting Out Visits” App.  You will need to search for my name:  Lucas.G Lambeth  CDC # dock #: AL8537  Prison/facility:  California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility-C.S.P. Corcoran or just send me a letter and tell me a little about yourself. My mailing address is located on this page.

Please make sure to include a picture too.

Luke Lambeth
Luke Lambeth # AL8537
SATF - CSP - Corcoran
P O Box 5242
Corcoran   CA   93212   USA

Spring 2022
Ad Start: 03-02-2023
Ad Expiration: 03-24-2024
Release Date
2023 - 2026