Rickey Baker # AL4704
Mule Creek State Prison
P O Box 409089
Ione   CA   95640   USA
Rickey Baker
Hello There,
Welcome to my page...Let me start off by telling you a little about myself.  My name is Rickey.  I’m a single, Christian man, who is 33 years old, born Sept 6, 1987.  I weigh 185 pounds and I love to work out.  I attend Folsom Lake Community College through a hybrid of correspondence/lecture classes.  I have a business certificate in Global Entrepreneurship/small business management/Exporting.  And I’m working on getting my Business Degree.

I’ve always known there was a God, but I didn’t truly get to know Him until my incarceration.  I messed up and was with the wrong people drinking and getting high and it led to me committing a crime. The crime is a part of my past, but it's not who I am.  I have hopes and dreams of opening  a business when I get out and get myself established.  I’m open to writing to anyone who is kind, caring, and positive, regardless of background or religious belief.  I've learned to co-exist with people that have similar and or different beliefs or lifestyles.

I’m straight and I'm open to a relationship, if I meet the right woman.  I’m open to writing men and women as friends and really friends are what I’m really looking for.

I go to multiple self help groups to make myself a better person.  I’m able to receive emails, video/digital visits and make local, long distance or international phone calls.  I’m willing to write to anyone in any state or country. If you prefer to write by email, send a letter by post mail asking for directions and I will let you know how to send emails.  But I still have to reply by regular mail, until we get our global tablets, then we will be able to send emails back.

I was born in Stockton, California and I’ve lived in Stockton and Oakland, CA.  My favorite football team is the forty-niners and my favorite baseball team is the Giants and my favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors.

I like fantasy/Sci-Fi books (Science fiction).  My favorite is Super Hero Books and or movies.  I also like action movies.  I have a big family that I’m in contact with a lot.  My family has been standing by me this whole time.

Well, I hope to hear from you soon.
P.S. My pictures are current.

Women, Men, Friends
African American
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