Jasper Stallings
Jasper Stallings # AI6456
C2-1- 3Up
P O Box 92
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Thank you for stopping by to say “Hi” & check’n out my bio. Hello, I’m Jasper Stallings, a 40 year old Virgo. Currently serving life in California @ Valley State Prison, Chowchilla.

I'm looking for some friends to chat it up with over our free time.  I’m currently a college student, in Cisco’s programming course, a mentor, I’m an Inside Organizer for Compassion Prison Project - Trauma Talks. I’m a senior Inside Organizer for Initiate Justice, striving to reform the Criminal Justice System & spread love thru healing from the past.

There are many layers to me and I hope you are willing to discover the whole man you see here.  I have many hobbies, including: Art, poetry, cooking, gemstone beadwork and more… Come join me in a great conversation that may spark your interest even more!

You stopped by for a reason, so let’s explore your intrigue & curiosity.
Get @ me, I have a tablet, write to me if you want the link to add yourself to my contacts on GTL’s Getting Out App.

In the meantime, share with me what type of friend you are looking for? Are you into music? What type? Can I ask you what gets you out of bed in the morning? And what keeps you going?

Feel free to ask me anything, I’m an open book!
I’m not into telling false stories! I’m an honest man who is not afraid to say I’m not always right. So, if you want to continue or start a great conversation…hit me up at the address below.
If you want to facetime, I have that ability as well.
Well, my friend, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Mr. Jasper Stallings AI6456
P.O.Box 92
Chowchilla, CA 93610
@VSP or JPay.com email

Ad Start: 02-17-22
Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
Cuban, Indian, Black
Robbery, Kidnapping, Murder
Release Date
EPRD 08/15/2097
EPBD 09/08/2036