Valentine Gutierrez
My name is Valentine but everyone calls me Wally. It's a childhood nickname.

I'm 30 years old. I work out all the time, but more for to maintain my sanity. I'm ashamed to say I grew up in the system. I was misguided and struggled throughout my childhood, but I'm proud to say I matured.

I see the beauty in life and I'm filled with so much gratitude. I'm a man that takes pride in my morals and values. Striving to be honest, caring, compassionate, and understanding.

We all hurt in this world but our strength helps us preserve. I'm only looking for a woman to share my joys, laughs, and thoughts with. A companion to grow with. I'm funny, charming, smart, and a positive person to be around.

I'm from Fresno Ca with about 4 years left. I'm aware that I took life for granted and missed out on alot, but I know it's a blessing to be able to love and be loved. I don't want to feel lonely anymore. Since in prison I've accomplished two grade classes and now enrolled in college. I am educated and ambitious. I'm aware, if I want to succeed, I must strive through all obstacles. We can only lose if we give up. And life's about the journey, anyhow why not keep pushing.
Valentine Gutierrez # AG-8860
Avenal State Prison A-130-6
P O Box 901 
Avenal, CA 93204 USA
Women, Friends
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-11-19
Ad Expiration:04-11-20