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Eric Donaldson
Welcome visitors,

Have u heard any good jokes lately? Well I'm no comedian but, I’m sure if u  chose any other page besides this one for ur corresponding pleasure, I'm almost certain u can get a laugh out of some of those ridiculous introductions by some of the men on here. U know, laced with big intelligent words, sounding like Malcolm X or college professors. I'm not putting them down at all, I'm picking u up to what their putting down!

Please, let me introduce myself.  My name is “Eric” which means “Highly Prince”.  So, with that being said, “I am royalty”!  Not conceited but, being honest!  I don't let my situation lower my standards as a human to who and what I am! I can promise u this ad is like no other.

Am I financially secure? No!  Can I offer u  the moon and stars?  No!  But I can offer u my heart, my mind and my time. I'm 50 yrs young, 190 lbs., 5’8  tall and built well, brn  eyes, brn  skin. My photos speak for themselves! I definitely don't look it, nor do I feel it, either…!  I take pride in keeping myself physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

What I adore about a woman; a refined woman 35-60 yrs, is her heart, mind, soul and her reasons 2 love.  Friendship is always the beginning of something that can blossom into something special and that's what I'm looking for. A special friend…someone to share my hopes and dreams.

I'm absent from being free;  not from being me, a gentleman!  I'm just waiting for a woman to let me. Is that wrong? I'm very mature, open-minded and a compassionate person by nature.

I could tell u more but I want ur curiosity to get the best of u, wanting to know more!  This is only the cover but, u have to read the book. The best is still to come! U well enjoy!

If only u  would allow me this opportunity to become a friend, pen pal or whatever u desire to be; only then will u be able to experience something “special.” I just want to experience one or the other with u…!

If this is u and u like what you've read so far and want to read the book, write me at:
Mr. Eric Donaldson #AE3869
P.O. Box 705-LB249U
Soledad, CA 93960

African American
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start: 11-24-2022
Ad Expiration: 11-24-2023