Mauro Gutierrez
Mauro Gutierrez # AD-7086   
P O Box 5103    
Delano, CA 93216 USA
To Whom It May Concern

Well let me start this off by telling you a little bit about myself. 

My name is Mauro but my friends call me Flacz  I am out from the bay area, northern California  I am 6 feet tall bout 175 lbs. with dreamy brown eyes :-)  Ink here and the there on my skin. 

I am currently incarcerated for some bad decision making I made back in my younger days.  I have all kinds of hopes ad dreams, to fulfill one day soon as i get out of this place one day. 

I spend my days reading writing emails and working on my self help groups and school work.  Yeah pretty corny huh!  But its what I do in order to reach my goal and go home sooner then later. 

Honestly just looking for a lady friend to share some of these dreams of mine and maybe you never know in time help me make them a reality  Until then I would not mind getting to know you.

Well don't be a stranger and get back to me. If you are interested I am an email away.  You can reach me at

With respect your soon to be friend
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