Raul Garces
Yo, what's up.

1st off, I'd like to take this time and let the world know I'm a great guy with a lot to give back! The thing I like most about myself is it don't take too much to get me happy! I'm a fatal type of guy. I'm always finding something broken and trying to fix it back up. Look I want to be found and fixed I'm so tired of being the problem!

I don't got a lot to say about myself! Seems like when I do shockn just get let down, no, no & no is what I say. Nothing's more to me then family! My stories LOL. Here I go about to scare off a girl who just wants to talk! I'm working on my listening and not running of girls anymore being shucking crazy. I don't like the fact I'm always misunderstood.

What about life it is I like? That things can change from bad to good real quick! Don't think I'm a serial killer I just give up sometimes.

What I want to know about you? If you family orientated, single, promescuis, driven, passionate. Can you be trusted. do you like being involved in athletic activities. Do you work, go to school, roommates, own a house. Have a car. Do you like to travel, what's your turn ons? What sets you off? Do you like enjoy taking pictures. Do you like role playing? Are you loyal, dedicated.

Now you open up. Just tell me it will all be ok I'm in priosn. Especially if you like being controlling.

Hear from you soon,
Sonny, Raul or Puma
Raul Garces # AC7030
CSF -4A-2R-35
P O Box 3476  
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Women, Legal Help
Assault  Semi Automatic
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-30-20
Ad Expiration:01-30-21