Antonio Rattler
I'll begin by sharing a poem with you.. it's called " shining light" ..

All my life,I've wondered, why do Dark things happen to me??
Why do, people feel uncomfortable when I'm in dark clothes??
Why do,people hate my dark skin??
It wasn't until A beautiful person,approached me ..Held up a mirror & said... "open your eyes" .. it was then, that I realized.. that's all my life, it was me!! Suppressing my own light!!

Hi I'm Antonio, but everyone calls me Tony.. I'm a dallas texas native.. I'm currently on the my last 3yrs of my sentence & it's one of my reasons for joining this service: the system preaches "reform" but its daily practice is abuse of power and over use of pepper spray..I guess someone didn't get the "reform memo" .. so I'm in search of a friendly refugee. I have a Big spirit & Bright smile and I'm fearful of those qualities becoming dull.. because eventhough prison is claimed to be a rehabilitation center it's not very uplifting!!

[Some things I miss about living Life]
: people being genuinely excited about something I aspire to do or vice versa!!
:I miss putting my feet into the warm sand at the beach
: I miss having as much syrup at my disposal, when I'm chowing down French toast :)
: ofcousre I miss movie night and stopping a big excited dog from jumping all over me (lol) just.basic.human.connection ya know??
THE lack of human interaction is nonproductive to a person reform.. that's why I shared the poem at the top of this.. to indicate, that we as people are often our on worst enemy, when it comes to our own progression..and we often feel most alive when we share that special bond w/ someone.. so this is me reaching out to engage with anyone about anything, meaningful, intellectual, or just to have fun!!

It was nice sharing myself with you.. I'll end with 2 questions ,to any readers that's intrested..
1) since co-vid 19 pandemic, most cities have experienced a lockdown... so I'm interested  to know.. what have you learned about yourself, during your lockdown??
2)I'll like to know.. what kept you interested.. to be able to reach the end of my page??

Thank you.. have a awesome day
Antonio Rattler # AB-8325
CSP - Lancaster State Prison- A-2-242
P O Box 4430 
Lancaster, CA 93539 USA
Women, Friends
African Amerian
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