Jonathan Avila
"A day without a smile is a day wasted"

Therefore I choose to be happy despite having a life sentence. I'm joyful and optimistic, I enjoy making people laugh and smile. I treat others how I like to be treated, because I believe in karma.

When conversating I'm a great listener, who always enjoys sharing my thoughts and feelings for feedback. I'm *NOT* seeking romance nor asking for donations, nor do I mind if you're in a relationship or single. I'm only seeking platonic conversation, with someone upbeat and down to earth, like myself.

Psychology, philosophy, criminology and nonfiction are my favorite reads. I attend college (current degree in communications). I study law, self-help books and creative writing. I'm a musician who enjoys all music but my main outlet is art, creating it through my words and visions with drawing and poetry. Especially admiring the works from the past. (Frida, Warhol, Van Gogh). Meditation and yoga are in my daily routine as I believe it brings all the positive out of me and eliminates all the negativity.

I came to prison a teenager so I never got to experience much, like traveling out of California. Therefore learning about different cultures, places and people will be great (including overseas). I hope to learn new things from you and hoping you can learn from me.

While in prison I've set goals and found purpose to one day help others through social work upon my release, so I'm humbled by those who do (Teachers, nurses, etc.). Before my arrest I did graffiti art on my free time along with skateboarding, landscaping and also enjoyed animals and nature, I see beauty in everything.

My past doesn't define who I am now, nor am I my crime. I'm thankful I came to prison. As it has made me a better man. I've worked diligently on my rehabilitation and I'm finally the best version of me I can be. Despite my circumstances I feel free as I know "freedom is a state of mind". I'm working diligently to commute my time. I've got hope and faith it'll happen since it's those two things that keep me going my: "Hope and Faith" (it's also what's made me humble).

Choosing a penpal must be tuff? I hope that making you smile makes your choice easy :) since we're living in harsh times a good friendship can be the distraction we need. I promise no regrets and no drama, only awesome times! There is more I would like to share but until then I'll be a mystery.

I can't send out emails, only receive Please include your mailing address with your first email so I may respond promptly and get our friendship started! I'll draw and answer questions upon request.

So don't deny yourself a great experience by not writing. I'm here to make you feel comfortable and make your days better, until then I'll be waiting on your letter. Take care and thank you for reading.
Jonathan Avila # AB-3429
Calipatria State Prison-A1-202
P O Box 5004
Calipatira   CA   92233   USA
Hispanic Mexican
1st° Murder
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  01-27-22
Ad Expiration:  01-31-23