Ricardo Eugene Sims
Ricardo Eugene Sims # AA6732
Folsom State Prison - A1-C3-07L
P O Box 715071
Represa   CA   95671   USA
To be transparent I have 13 years left to serve... I am putting this post in Internet land to attract a woman who heart beats the same beat as my own. One that stimulates my mental, physical, social and sexual, my hearts equal. My taste buds are mature, I love women of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. Age does not matter as long as you are legal and can handle business in all matters.

Open communication is a must, our needs, our wants, thoughts and feelings, matter to me. My ears are always ready to receive all you have to offer. Truth no matter how dark or light, I am always open, and will be open unless proven otherwise.

I am darkmatter in a world of light weights. I do not mind the presence of beautiful scars seen or hidden. Creativity and intelligence are the main qualities I seek in a woman, most of all a quality love and affection. I love geeking over science, listening to all types of music (name it and I'm into it, or willing to try) quality time and romancing my woman. These walls will not limit the level of intimacy I am willing to travel to for you.

Ad Start: 10-14-21
Ad Expiration:  10-14-22
African American
Will Discuss.
GBI Waspon Enhancement Ect
Release Date