Jermaine Fredrick
Jermaine Fredrick # A787515
Richland Correctional Institution
P O Box 8107
Mansfield   OH   44901    USA
My name is Jermaine Fredrick, my family call me JJ and my friends call me Jay.

I’m currently in Barber school, my occupation on the streets is plumbing. I plan on opening a barber shop and a plumbing company when I get out, just some goals I’ve set for myself.

I love home cooked meals and going out to eat, well I just love food LOL.

I work out six days a week so I don’t become big as a house.
I love dogs, my last dog was an American Bully. I like all animals but insects and snakes nooo!!!! I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it right now. LOL.

I love cars. I try to keep a nice car, but I end up putting tools in it for a job and now it's a work car.

I love going to the movies and watching movies at home.
I’m outgoing, I'm a people person. I don’t like to be around negative people, I try to be a good man but I'm human so I do have flaws that I’m working on.

If you like what you’ve read, look me up on and write me a few lines or get an envelope and send a letter to me at this address.

Release Date
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