Jeremy Britton
Jeremy Britton # A704831
P O Box 45699
Lucasville   OH   45699   USA
Hey 😊 If you're reading this I sure hope all is well N blessed your way.
I’m very new @ something like this site so I'll just keep it real short N simple.
I’m 22 5’11 about 177 lbs. Solid N covered in tattoos from the face down.
I come from Ohio, born N raised in a small city called Youngstown.

I’ve been incarcerated since I was 17 and I’m serving 8 years which I’m almost finished with.

Now my reason for this site was to find some positive people I can build N laugh with. I don’t like all that drama N toxic stuff so please keep that away. I like to joke N laugh.

Music is my escape away from the world. I only listen to Rap. I've been watching movies N good TV shows. I prefer scary or funny. My favorites would be Bonnie N Clyde and Paid In Full plus all the Michael Myers Halloweens.

I like being outdoors. I’m a very loyal, kind, caring man, I've been told. I’m very quiet N shy but that's only because I like to think N listen. I’m very hardworking as well as big on family. I go hard for mine!

But I’ll let you tell me all about you, life is based on taking chances N this is one I promise you won’t regret.

So if you're willing to do so, you can reach me on Jay. I can only receive mail there, being that I’m maximum security. I can get on there to respond, so if you go that route just add a responding address or write me through the mail.

But until next time stay safe N sexy. Forever N Always
Jeremy 🤗

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Escape, Robbery x2, Felony Assault, Kidnapping
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