Brendon Cameron
A genuine guy locked up for the wrong reasons.

All my friends call me Cam. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and have lived in Ohio my whole life. I have visited a lot of different states and places. I'm adventurous, full of energy and love to travel. I'm an open book and like to do pretty much anything. I like music and started to get more into cooking. I'm not a big fan of books but need to start reading more. I'm by far not a perfectionist but I try to do things right the first time and at times my slight OCD kicks in.

I try to find the good in people and not the flaws. I never judge a book by its cover and I don't ever hold your past against you. A fresh start and a clean slate. I have many likes but it's easier to tell you my dislikes. I don't like liars, cheaters, back stabbers or fake people who beat around the bush instead of just coming clean about it. I'm ambitious and driven along with many goals in my future. I will accomplish my goals any way that works regardless of my path.

I have made a lot of mistakes but I also have done a lot of things right in a short time. I have been married once but for all the wrong reasons and not the right ones. I do want to do it right when I find the right one. I'm also in prison for a sex case but to make it short and will explain more when I hear from you. My sons mom pressed charges when I won full custody of him. She walked out on us when he was only six months old. She turned 18 before he was born and I turned 20 shortly after. I took all her rights of seeing him because she chose drugs over him and wouldn't get the help either. I hope that this doesn't turn you away from contact me. I'm wiser because I have learned from my mistakes and stronger because I have learned from my weakness. I give everyone my full trust until you prove me otherwise wrong.

I hope to hear from someone and I will explain more about myself when you. You can find me on with my name plus my inmate number.

Brendon Cameron # A670953
Noble Correctional Institution
15708  Mcconnelsville Road 
Caldwell, OH 43724 USA
Women, Friends
Sex Case
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-31-18
Ad Expiration:05-31-20