Timothy Cartwright
Greetings & filicitations, 

My name is TIMOTHY CARTWRIGHT. I am fifty years young, divorced male. I am an avid writer with many sagas left in me to share.

I am searching out for kindred beings and am open-minded. My passion is creating the subtle expressions of the human condition with paper and pen. It is not the story that compels me, but the interaction and unforeseeable reactions of our frailities, passions and ambitions in both real and contrived relationships. Needless to say I write fantasy fiction and romance.

I have always felt more open and got along with women, but seek anyone who wishes to converse with me. I feel I am an interesting person who has much left to offer, if given the chance.

The loss of personal freedom takes a backseat to the loss of family and friends. I'm seeking to replace a friend aspect by using this service and hope for honest, questioning minds to share my story, to learn your story as well

We all search for that person who completes us, and in lieu of that, people who can complete various parts of our personality.
Our biggest challenge is facing our failings and correcting them. My biggest failing? I am nothing without my dictionaries and my thesaurus. When I was a free man, spellcheck was a very good friend indeed.

If you are as intrigued about knowing me as I am about the possibility of knowing you, please feel free to drop me a line or fifty.

When you wake up in the morning do you ever ask yourself what can I do to make today memorable? You do have a question, right?

Thank you for your consideration.
Timothy Cartwright # A657823
Ross Correctional Institution
P O Box 7010
Chillicothe, OH 45601 USA
Women. Friends, Donations
Caucasian, Native American, Indian
Rape, Sexual Battery
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-14-17
Ad Expiration:12-14-19