Nathaniel Howze
Hi, My name is Nate.

I got six months left on my prison sentence which is kind of the reason I'm posting this profile. I just found out due to the pandemic my housing plans might not go as planned. I'm looking to connect with someone who might have information about housing options for ex-offenders.

I'm also interested in finding a woman I can correspond with while I go through this transition from incarceration to freedom. I'm a single, tall(6'3), confident, spontaneous guy, who like sports and watching movies among other things.

I know a lot has changed since the 9 years I've been away, let along this past year with this pandemic going on. They say you can't see the whole picture if you're on the outside looking in, well I'm on the inside looking out. I'm certain with the right woman by my side I'll have a broader perspective on a few ideas, two heads is always better than one.

I'm not superficial, truthfully as a black man I love thicker more mature women but what I'm attracted to more than anything is loyalty. I'm the type of guy who loves from the inside out, at my age l know true beauty is more than skin deep. I somewhat understood the challenges I would be facing pre-covid but now I'm not sure what I'll be walking into on the other side of these gates in the next six months. what do you think one of the biggest challenges facing felons coming home?

I still might have a few things working in my favor. I got my barber license and I passed the written part of the commercial drivers license test since I been down, I'll be taking the driving part of the test upon release . I been utilizing this time to better myself both physically and mentally. I'm working to bring home the best version of myself possible.

Connect with me on, if possible give me a couple days to reply sometimes the wifi goes out on the computers but I will reply promptly to your letter, peace.

Nathaniel Howze # A-640825
Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road 
Youngstown, OH 44505 USA
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