Michael Douglass
I hope your day is going well & I hope I can help make it better in some way even if it's with something simple like putting a smile on your face 😊.

So I've been sitting here for like 2 hours trying to figure out what to say without sounding like a weirdo lol. Which the first words always seem to be the hardest when putting yourself out there to meet someone new because you don't really know what to expect. But once you get past the fear of the unknown. You’ll see some fun people out there. If you just give them a chance.

A little about me; I’m a Virgo. I’m from Ohio so I guess that makes me a hillbilly? Lol I’m not, I don't think? I love animals & being outside. I enjoy working out (when I'm not lazy lol), reading, watching sports & writing. I love to kick back & watch movies. Favorite genres are comedies, horror, anime & thriller.

I'm big on tattoos. I have kinda a lot & I want a few more. I’d love to be a tattoo artist. But my artistic abilities are (well see artwork).

I love to laugh & make others smile
🤭. I know all the funny jokes, like. What did the daughter corn say to the mother corn? Where's popcorn? lol. So that’s all I got for now. Thought I’d leave some mystery there.

But I’m easy to talk to & I love to listen! So don’t be shy to take that chance. I promise. I don’t bite. Well maybe a little but only if you like LOL.

But seriously even if it's only a few words. I’d love to hear from you. I know the first words can be the hardest to find when putting yourself out there.

I’d love to hear about your interests, hobbies, music & TV preferences, life experiences, aspirations or anything you like to share.

Please feel free to ask me anything.

I hope you have a blessed day & you give me that chance. If given that chance I know for sure I will help put & keep a smile on your face.

Also please do not email me throw Jpay or Viapath because due to my level right now I can’t receive them . I can only have regular mail “snail mail” & my phone tablet which makes no sense. I can call but not email.

Take care.
Best Wishes

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