Albert Spann
Dear Pen-pal, how are you? Hope everything is fine.  I’m looking for a cool pen-pal friend.  You feel me.  Being I am lonely all times.  Being I don’t have no friends.  I am asking you to be somebody who can keep in touch for the reason’s, you feel me.   I am, lonely and again “I need you”!  Here; I will introduce myself.   My name is ALBERT SPANN; but most peoples whom I’m closely affiliated refer to me as “J,” you may also call me that.  I am a well experienced man in relating to all human nature.  I am experienced in having a true friendship with any race or color as long as you speak English feel me.  Even, I have had experienced with any (ages) is adult’s “only”, so feel free when you express yourself, and be down to earth.  It is whatever flows your boat is alright with me.  You feel me.  I use to be a street person so I kinda understand most of all situations.  We are humans born to make mistakes.   I try to learn from my mistakes for better feel me.  I possess a very unique understanding about my life.

Also, I enjoy all kinds of music.  I enjoy seeing the TV, like sports, comedies, talk shows, movies, news, reading; etc.  I like “workin-out, and seeing all kinds of Photo’s feel me.  I like all kinds of sweets…Please don’t forget about “J’ in sending J-Pay or air mail good day.
Your New Friend,
A Friend All That Matters
Albert Spann # A-570934
Grafton Correctional Institution
2500 S Avon Belden Road
Grafton   OH   44044   USA
African American
Aggravated Murder,
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  11-21-20
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