Albert Spann
Hi :)

Send an air mail or Jpay email, message my way!

I am "Big AL" you may call me that. My days are filled with deep loneliness and it seems like nobody cares. You help me than God bless you in return. Please open your heart.

Where ever, I am looking for someone and somewhere to be my penpal  or friend because I am so lonely and I want to meet someone who is able to keep in touch every day. I will be completely honest with you about whatever, etc.

I'm not interested about what you look like as long as I got you for my pen pal or friend only. It really doesn't matter about what color, race, or culture. I am a well experienced man in relating to all human nature. Even if you are big or small weight, tall or short, could be a midget, would be in the wheelchair as long as you keep in touch and send an air mail or Jpay email etc.

However, I would like you to reach out not be a shame, what ever, however, let's be friends today and openly, you know. If you know what I mean come from up under all of your shames right now. Feel relaxed! And I will do the same, you know  without no nothing, to be ashamed in our game you know. Hell, there's nobody in the whole- wide world is perfect. You feel me. I like people who can make me laugh. And I like all kinds of sweet's :)
Albert Spann # A-570934
Grafton Correctional Institution
2500 S Avon Belden Road 
Grafton, OH 44044 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Aggravated Murder Robbery
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start:  11-21-20
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