Donald Starcher # A453402
15708 McConnelsville Road
Caldwell   OH   43724   USA
Donald Starcher
I hopped on the website because I want to find a person or people who can help me build a positive and functioning outside influence. I go to the parole board in 2028. And while I do have family, the people in my life aren’t exactly healthy. I hope to connect with someone who has a strong focus on the future. People that will push me to grow. As a lifelong artist, I don’t fear criticism. It’s literally my job to put myself out there. I’ve been in prison for a big part of my life. But, I don’t plan to let it be the rest of it.

My name is D.J. I’m 5’8” and my eyes are blue. I weigh like, 250 pounds or something close to that. I’m a fat boy. My hair is brown and down to my collar. I usually wear it braided or tied back. And the thing I catch guff about is: I have tiny hands. Like the guy on the Whopper commercial. Yeah, it’s a thing. I’m really easy going. Contrary to the impression my charges may give a person. I don’t let myself hate. I believe an open mind, a little patience, and a lot of love always wins. I have lots of faith in honest communication. It’s better to agree to disagree and move on.

So, my thing is art. I’m sufficient in almost all mediums and styles. As a teenager, I fell in love with body art. Piercing, tattooing, mods, and all that kind of junk. Once I started doing it, the people got me. Working on a person is so intimate. Sorry, I’m carrying on. I really enjoy competitive stuff. I’m for sure a table-top gamer. Chess, D&D, magic, spades, even board games. Any games that I can put my hand on, against an opponent who’s in front of me. And I’m a fan of combat sports. Hopefully, my talents and interests will turn into a career for me someday. I don’t know if I want to own something or just have a kiss-ass retirement. I really want my work to be the center of my legacy, though. How I see my future is like this:  When I’m released, I’ll have lost 25 years. I don’t have any kids and I definitely want to own a house. I want my name to become a brand and collectible. I’ll be lucky to get that done by 65. 70 is probably more realistic. My only obstacle is myself. I don’t drink or get high.  So, that’s not a thing. I’ve been in prison since 2003 for arson and murder. I want to end better than I started. I’d like to have some winners on my team.

D.J.Starcher 453-402 N.C.I. 15708 McConnelsville Rd. Caldwell, Ohio 43742

Murder, Arson
Serving A Life Sentence
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