Kevin Seamus Parsells # A423268
Grafton Correctional Institution
2500 S Avon Belden Road
Grafton,  OH   44044   USA
Kevin Seamus Parsells
How are you doing?  I’m doing well.  Let me start by telling you a little about myself.
I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping and sometimes finding a quiet place to sit and listen to the world around me.

I like traveling and meeting new people.  I have never traveled outside of this State.  I hope to do so someday.

I have the sense of humor of a child, so I enjoy laughing and making bad jokes at the most inappropriate times.

What do I do to pass the time?  I love reading fantasy, mystery, horror, history and I enjoy reading a romance every once in a while.  But if you tell anyone that, I will deny, deny, deny!!

I also draw and paint. I try to do a little bit of writing at times.  But I don’t think I’m all that good at it.

I like to learn new things.  I did three and a half years of horticulture and I learned Braille.  I ended up getting a job in the Braille shop transcribing books for the blind.  I really enjoy it and it enables me to give back to society.

Right now, I’ve started to learn Irish.  I would like to learn a few more languages, later on down the road.

What am I looking for in a pen pal?  Someone who enjoys good conversation, likes to laugh and joke around.

I’m looking for some new friends.  I’ve met some really good people in here, though you can only listen to the same story told so many times.

Before I end this, I ask when you write, please put your return address in your letter also.  Because the institution I’m at doesn’t always give us a copy of the envelope with the return address.

It does make it interesting trying to figure out who wrote.

You can also contact me by e-mail by going to <>.  Select the state I’m in and put my name and number in.

Talk to you soon

Attempted Rape, Rape
Serving A Life Sentence,
Parole Board 07/21/202
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