Montez Long
In my life, Ive found that the realist people were the one's that experienced challenges & learned the lesson that came with those challenges, some men look at life as a dream "they sleep", when faced with an obstacle they close there eyes & hope it goes away...In relationship, they enjoy the presence of women who are sleep, women who aren't conscious enough too see their character flaws...In life they want to feel safe, but in reality, life is filled with challenges. Sometimes we lose & when we lose, we get hurt, but that's apart of life...I try too live life to the fullest, behind these gates or in the free world.

I welcome all challenges & learned from my mistakes, I'm no-dream maker nor am I good with small talk. I'm trying too allow someone too see the world thru my eyes & if we see the same things, maybe we can travel in the same direction...outside of that,
DOB 03-17-76
Wt 155
Ht. 5' 9"

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Montez Long # A327899
Marion Correctional Institution
P O Box 57
Marion, OH 43301 USA
Women, Friends
Open Minded
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