Ralph Bringht
Ralph Bringht # A201176   
Grafton Correctional Road
2500 South Avon-Belden Road  
Grafton, OH 44044-9803 USA
I've been confined for the past 30 years.

Family has expired and friends have forgotten me, so of course this incarceration is difficult to say the very least, and I crave any interaction with anyone out there in society, as I genuinely need that human continuity.

My destructive past choices cost me several good people in my life, which I sorely regret, making it difficult to move forward.

I participate in a mentoring program to reduce recidivism among at risk youth, and I imagine all of those kids as my own. I placed much value in conversation and just basic, simple quality time together. Dinner, movies, museums, sightseeing, or even just a quiet chat; I consider all to be quality time with a quality lady.

I believe in traditional chivalry, with respect being the cornerstone of an genuine friendship based on trust. I seek a dignified, professional lady who values, morals and honesty. I need someone whom will not be financially burdened by occasional visits with me. A telephone conversation is only $.30 more than letter postage. I'm a spiritual person eager to share our life  experiences.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to your response. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason. Stay well.
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Aggravated Murder
Release Date
Eligible for Parole 06/2021
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