Berthony Vilsaint
Bonjour! Como esta? Tre bien…😊Okay, sufficient French and Spanish for now lol. Hey there, you are….so, how was your day thus far? And yes, you’ve surmised it correctly. It can get incredibly lonely and even despair behind these bleak walls sporadically. Which obviously has propelled me to place this cordial farcical ad to acquire potential pen pal meaningful friendships. Moreover, periodic correspondence with someone nice, open-minded and understanding would be awesome😊 and help brighten up my days in here immensely. However honestly though, I would write to anyone over 21 or older and certainly size or race are totally inconsequential to me. In the contrary though, and to what it’s worth, I’ve always been very penchant of plus-sized women for a variety of reasons. And your letters & emails will be responded to hastily.

I surmise it’s time for me to convey a little more about me and I will be succinct as possible. Please call me ‘Bert’ if you like. I’m 48 yrs old 5’8” Birthday 10-25-72 and I do workout sporadically in attempt to stay in good shape though. Also, I’m a very open-m minded, honest, respectful, non-judgmental, caring & affectionate man with a great bubbly sense of humor. They say “Laughter is good for the soul” so I try to laugh as often as feasible in spite of my current unfortunate perpetual circumstances. Speaking of which, I’ve been in prison unjustly for a crime in which I didn’t even commit, if I’m being utterly candid with you. However, hence or sadly though, my life has been changed dramatically. I have nothing to hide and I will be more than happy to expand and pontificate further on my case, as well as answering any/all questions you may have. As you can imagine, I have much more to convey about myself, but my words are limited. I will be more than happy to oblige and pontificate further during correspondence and hopefully, my message has touched your heart because it comes straight from mine. Also, in case you were obscured, “N.Y.S.DOCCS” has recently allowed us to correspond via email as well. However, if you wish to correspond with me via emails, please go on to open an email account free of charge. Well take care and stay safe from Covid and when it’s convenient for you, please drop me a letter at the facility address or email me to share a little about yourself. Also, please furnish photos, if you like.

Thanks for reading my profile and being a good attentive listener. I look forward to hear from ya. Enjoy the rest of your day. Later! Sincerely, Bert

Berthony Vilsaint # 99A0774
Coxsackie Correctional Facility
P O Box 999
Coxsackie   NY   12051   USA

Ad Start: 09-02-21
Ad Expiration: 09-02-22
African American,
Unlawful Imprisonment
Release Date
2024 or Earlier