Berthony Vilsaint
Hi there, how are you…? I pray and hope all is well and good witcha. Being that I'm literally at the end of my bid now and possibly getting released next year in 2023, I thought it would be awesome for me to write this bio in hopes of meeting a nice kind-hearted good woman to toss some emails back and forth with, as pen pals for us to get a lot more acquainted with each other.

Full disclosure, I would be remiss If I didn't divulge the following about me. Which is, I'm not the type of man who would play “Childish head/mind games”  with people who do not utilize hyperbole to describe myself in this Bio. But honestly though, my sole reason for posting this bio is that I truly & sincerely hoped to meet someone nice and preferably, a caring, honest, kind-hearted Voluptuous plus-sized woman to get a lot more acquainted with in hopes of becoming more than friends in the near future. And if you are that special woman who's viewing my bio, please don’t hesitate for a moment to drop me on “INTRO-EMAIL” to convey a little about yourself. And that would be totally awesome and certainly help brighten-up my sad & lonely world in here astronomically and help put a nice beaming smile 😃 on my face.

I will now convey a little about myself and will be more than happy to answer any/all questions via emails that you may have for me pertaining to any subject matter. i.e. my case & etc. I have some pictures with this bio…and hope they're to your liking.

I am a dark  brown skinned semi-muscular man with dark brown eyes & black hair.  My B-Day is on October 25th and I will be 50 years old. But most people tell me that I look much younger. Do you agree, though…?🤔

My DOB: 10-25-72, HEIGHT: 5’8”, WEIGH: 165 Lbs. SIGN: Scorpio. I’m also a very open-minded, caring, honest, non-judgmental, thoughtful, respectful, affectionate, fun Loving man with a great bubbly sense of humor.😉

However, I have copious more to divulge about myself and will be more than gleeful to do so during our correspondences via emails. And speaking of emails, if you wish to correspond with me via emails it's actually very easy to do. First, you  must contact “” or call them at ”1-800-844-6591” to ask them to open an email-account for you free of charge. And second, once you’ve established said email account with JPay, then you'll need to buy “electronic- stamps” from them in order for you to email me, send me photos and videos of yourself as well.

Well, this is where I end temporarily. Till then, take care and I truly hope to hear from you soon. Please write or email me no matter the miles so you can pontificate about yourself in your emails. I truly appreciate you taking the time to meticulously read my bio and my fervent hope it will propel you to drop me an email for us to commence this potential meaningful friendship. And I promise your emails will be responded to hastily. Bye…for now…😋

Sincerely, Bert…😊

Berthony Vilsaint # 99A0774
Clinton Correctional Facility
P O Box 2000
Dannemora   NY   12929   USA

Bonjour, How are you?
Thanks for reading my ad.
Seeking someone nice to correspond.
Seeking nice plus sized women.
Do you enjoy writing / emailing?
Please email despite the miles.
Hope you like my pics.
Love to hear from you.
God Bless you and yours.
Ad Start: 11-10-2022
Ad Expiration: 11-10-2023
Legal Help
French American
Unlawful Imprisonment
Release Date
Possibly 2023