Pete Russell
Question: is it taboo for a man and a woman to be true "Friends"?

I believe that is where truly inspiring energy comes from. Man and woman are naturally bonded and there's nothing like a woman's perspective. It is a perspective that I would genuinely appreciate in my life.

From the other side, my name is Pete, and the other side that I greet you from is Texas death row.

My days of loneliness, hopes, big dreams, and yearning for all things "L.I.F.E. has brought me here to this site. My hopes are that we can create a "here" for a genuine friendship.

I seek those that honors loyalty that can keep an open mind, and those that can actually lend their time, cares, and smiles to and efforted friendship. Oh, and those that love fur babies. I love animals.

Some other passions of mine are bettering myself through the practice of yoga. My first book dealt with yoga/meditation. I love to read, write, and explore new things. I'm an avid "Connoisseur" of good laughs, art in many facets, knowledge and all things life!

I wish to correspond with those that are 35 years mature, and older.

I will close for now if you would like to meet a gentleman such of myself, drop me a line and let's be friends!

Pete Russell

P.S. If you would like to write me right now please do so on and leave a postal addr
Pete Russell # 999443
Polunsky Unit 
3872 FM 350 S   
Livingston, TX 77351 USA
African American
Capital Murder
Release Date
09/09/25 On Death Row
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