Wilson Alinson Pena-Arias
Wilson Alinson Pena-Arias # 99822-038
USP Coleman 1
P O Box 1033
Coleman   FL   33521   USA
Hey world, my name is Wilson Alinson, but all my friends and family call me Junior Alinson.  My height is 6’1” my weight is 185.  I’ve been down for 7 years and I only have 30 months left until I go home! I live in Boston, MA, but I’m Dominican, I’m bilingual, Spanish & English.  I’m far from perfect, but strive to be a better myself & to prepare for my future business venture.  I love to workout & play sports!  When I lived in the DR I used to play professional baseball.  When I’m free, I’d like to travel & learn about different cultures.  I’m a family oriented man who likes to cook amazing meals & put smiles on peoples faces. I’m a positive guy & like to enjoy my relationships with the ones around me.  When I relax and wind down for the day, I like to read books on life & want to experience new things in life.   I like to speak with people like myself, that leve priority and are goal oriented.

I know I will have a successful second chance in life when I get home.

Thank you for reading my profile and with all due respect, I’m only looking to communicate with women :)

Ad Start: 12-16-21
Ad Expiration:  01-16-23
Traficking Drug, Re-entry
Release Date