Andre Jones

Thank you for taking the time to view this page. It is people like you that give people like myself (that's incarcerated) hope.

My name is Andre, I stand a 6'1", 190 lbs., Long dreads, and try to maintain good health. I am serving a lengthy sentence but waiting on my appeal so anything can happen. My current job is a dog trainer, I have trained over 60 dogs to have basic obedience and other tricks. I have also learned how to play the keyboard, learning Spanish and sign language, and working on getting an Associates degree. I also volunteer my time to do dog therapy for people that are on hospice and have dementia. People would describe me as a deep thinker, a leader, fun to be around, and a hard worker. My spirit animal is a white tiger and my love language is affection (the touch of a woman).

An easy icebreaker would be: tell me where you are from? What are your best qualities? Are you an open book or do you put up a wall, that only a few select people can chip it away? Here is my petition, for some chippin', LOL.

What I am looking for is a friend, someone to share ideas, talk about life and have a few laughs. You can contact me through snail mail or www. include address for reply).

Andre Jones

Andre Jones # 99132
P O Box 1010  
Canon City, CO 81215 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
1st Degree
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 08-23-18
Ad Expiration:08-23-20