I could really use some help on my legal work and help improve conditions in Idaho and maybe get compensated for what I endured.

I'm convicted of killing my mother in 2010. If I can get back into court I can use the "Involuntary Intoxication” defense since I went psychotic after starting chemotherapy for leukemia. Even with proof of a viable defense they want you to do life.

In prison I've been housed in solitary without due process of law and am filing suit in State Court. I saw a lawyer for 5 minutes and was doped on Thorazine!

I was beaten and have a nasty neck and back injury from a staff use of force and medical contractors won't send me to a specialist. I've almost died a few times from deliberate medical abuse but keep surviving by overdosing and getting care at the hospital.

I'd put down a dog so it would suffer like me. I need a LEAD attorney to help me do Logistics!  Right now I'm housed in solitary w/death Row.


Nathan Helburn # 98196
Idaho Maximum Security Institution
P O Box 51
Boise   ID   83707   USA
Nathan Helburn
Women, Men, Friends,
Legal Help
Murder 2, Assault Personal
Release Date
Anytime - 01/01/2025
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