Hi, I’m Nate! Please send me an email at www.JPay.com/ Things have been going really well for me lately! I’m in remission from C.M.L. leukemia since March 2020 and now I’m up for a new trial. Even if I’m convicted, it would be for a lesser crime and I’d be released with time served. I’ve learned to be content in prison, but I guess when you start having fun they cut you loose. I was born in Louisiana and grew up there and Houston, as my father was an oil service company executive.

I might look cool but I’m quite the nerd. I won a Louisiana Mathematics competition & qualified for the Olympics. I like cooking, martial arts, pets, learning and having a healthy work/life balance. I lived in Southeast Asia for 6 years and want to return when released. Want to come with? I’m not married and am in shock.

I’m 45 with  no kids, but would like to change that. My family was nice enough to take care of me, moneywise for the long-term, but I have little contact with the outside world, so I am posting this ad to change that. Write to me & I am sure we will find something to talk about.


Nathan Helburn # 98196
Idaho Maximum Security Institution
P O Box 51
Boise   ID   83707   USA
Nathan Nicholas Helburn
Women, Men, Friends
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start:   02-03-22
Ad Expiration:  03-18-23