Fred Phanord
Fred Phanord # 98000-038
F C I Memphis
P O Box 34550
Memphis   TN   38184   USA
Let me start by telling y’all something about myself while trying to keep it as brief as possible.  I’m very business minded.  I’m always into learning something new.  I’m into real estate, stocks and day trading and would like to be more savvy on those topics, if you have any advice, tips, or information on them.  Working out is a part of my life.  I work out every day because I believe in staying in good shape and having good health.

I really want a woman who has her head on straight, is established and knows what she wants in life.  I got a lot of plans for when I am released and I would love to have the right woman by my side to assist me on fulfilling all my dreams.  I build you up, and you build me up.  If you’re looking for a good man to talk to, then you should stop reading this and start picking up a pen and paper to write me.

A lot of women might be intimidated by me and assume that I’m a ladies man or what not, but don’t let you judging a book by its cover stop you from contacting me, because you just might be the one I need.   And I like all flavors.  White, Spanish, Native American, Asian or African American.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Hesitation is just time wasted.  So, don’t hesitate and ladies don’t be intimidated because I’m really down to earth and you just might be the perfect one for me.  Be the woman to change my life for the better.

African American
Drug Trafficking
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-11-21
Ad Expiration:  02-11-22